As pointed out by Bear (1), The Brown Wasps is a Loren Eiseley’s essay which demonstrates how human sense of place and self can be based. “The Brown Wasps” by Loren Eiseley in “The Best American Essays of the Century”. This matter of an imaginary space or home that we keep. Loren Eiseley () is an author I’ve heard of but never with, and choosing his essay “The Brown Wasps” is a way to help remedy the.

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Migration in birds is a heavy subject that I will not go fhe here but there was an interesting section in the single article I looked at that brings me into doubt about a sense of original home–being created in birds out of memory. I thought of the desperate little creature I had seen fleeing from the wild-rose thicket.

He had even struggled half the afternoon to carry his burrow deeper and had failed. There was nothing there to see.

According to Cainthe boy in the narrative has never lost the grit about the tree because he could remember some of the past spoken words by his father. It was under its branches that he sheltered; wssps was from this tree that his memories, which are my memories, let away into the world. After sixty years the mood of the brown wasps grows heavier upon one.

The Brown Wasps

He seems to prefer dying among a crowd–as if the presence of others in a public death was preferable to the loneliness of a private death in a room. October 7, Posted in Essays eisekey America Tags: He will not have to notice it again officially for another hour.


I took a gasp on the picket fence and force myself to look again. Someone had provided him with a chair, and he sat at the same corner staring sightlessly at an invisible stairway where, so far as he was concerned, the crowds were still awsps to the trains. Probably he ended in a trap in some other tenant’s room. In sixty years the house and street had rotted out of my mind.

Some years ago the old elevated railway in Philadelphia was torn down and replaced by a subway system. This is evident when Eiseley denotes a group of pigeons who returned to the demolished railway station in order to hopefully recreate their home.

Jan 25, in Literature.

Search for a topic: I looked under beds or sat reading with one ear cocked for rustlings in the ferns. Each issue of Gentry was marked by its high-end graphic design, including thick card stock, die-cuts, and foldouts. I gathered up the earth and refilled the burrow. Amidst so many journeys somebody is bound to come out all right. They are voices out of nowhere whose only reality lies in their ability to stir the memory if a living person with some fragment of the past.

It is not so bad here with the shuffle of footsteps and the knowledge that there are others who share the bad luck of the world. To him, too, this has become a ritual.

Slick Water

The creature who had made the burrowed did not appear. Joyce Carol Oates and Robert Atwan. Then a policeman comes by on his rounds and nudges them upright.


Do we keep a fixed image of home-that is unchanging and present–simply to ensure we do have a nail to which the aasps of the present existence can be anchored to?

“The Brown Wasps” by Loren Eiseley () | Ned Stuckey-French

But the old ones beown to their seats as though these were symbolic and could not be given up. As pointed out by Bear 1Eiseley depicts homeless men coming to die to the train station benches as similar to the death of wasps in the paper homes. I could visualized what had occurred.

Now and then they sleep, their gray old heads resting with painful awkwardness on the backs of the benches. And all the years since it esieley been growing in my mind, a huge tree that somehow stood for my father and the love bore him.

Some weeks after the El was abandoned workmen began to tear it down. In this case, what about creatures that lack such hive mentality–or original homes such a dragonflies? It also indicates that we constantly look at it in order to form the basic construction of our memories.