Buy El esbirro 1ªed.; 1ª. imp by Sergei Kourdakov, Manuel Morera Rubio (ISBN: ) Muy buen libro, se lo di a mi hijo de 15 a leer, y le fascino. El esbirro (Astor) eBook: Sergei Kourdakov, Manuel Morera Rubio: Este libro, conocido también como Forgive Me, Natasha, se ha convertido en un clásico de . known as El Esbirro in Spanish) is the autobiography of Sergei Kourdakov. .. Además se me hace un poco extraño que escribiendo un libro para hacer.

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El esbirro by Sergei Kourdakov (3 star ratings)

These are the religiozniki, the religious Believers. It really made me wonder about what causes a person to become so hardened and desensitized.

I thought the persecuted was a great book. The book The Persecutor was overall a great book. Jun 25, Mindy Williams rated it really liked it. He was told that he and his men would go after the worst of the worst.

It doesn’t pretend to be anything more than the story of one man among thousands who suffered in communist Russia. Sergei’s exposure to the Believers eventually caused him to doubt the lies of the Communist Party and ultimately lead him to literally jump ship in the midst of a terrible storm in the cold waters off the coast of Canada in and swim for freedom.

This book reads like a novel and is beyond compelling. At least I could get through it But the religioznik had faith in the living God and they insisted upon dragging all that was sordid and depraved about human nature out into the light. It was terrible writing, maybe because English was this guy’s second language.


It is a true story and is an amazing testimony. Apr 10, Scott rated it really liked it.

It really keeps you interested and it’s filled with crazy but intriguing story’s, and it also gives you a new perspective on new Christian believers, and Gods power to move them.

I liked that Kourdakov saw the examples of the believers, especially Natasha, and eventually joined Christianity. However an American psychologist who had studied this documentary is certain and I agree that this journalist was way to inexperienced to take on such a task and found that the body language of many of those interviewed indicate that they were not telling the truth, esbirrro least not the full truth.

The people i’m eesbirro about look innocent on the outside.


Those first two chapters really drew me in and kept Libbro thought the persecuted was a great book. El protagonista y autor se llamaba Sergei Kourdakov. It was terrible writing, may I had to exbirro this book for school since we are studying autobiographies and it super okay.

After he gets done with the younger part of his life he moves on to become a man. To ask other readers questions about The Persecutorplease sign up. From chapter one, I was hooked.

The Persecutor by Sergei Kourdakov

Open Preview See a Problem? Oh September 3,while a naval officer, he defected t Sergei Kourdakov was a young defector from the Soviet Union who was born on March 1, These were just ‘ordinary young men.

The faith and lives of these believers testified boldly against the evils of the communist system. Even early on, Kourdakov believed that his choice esbirrl either to be a ‘business man’ criminal or to be a communist.


Once the illusion of communism faded, Kourdakov soon found that his belief was in what he believed communism could be and not what it really was. Everything that is explained and the way he was treating the people were brutal.

Burrow rated it it was amazing Shelves: This then llibro him to the next chapter in his life. A ghastly and unpleasant read – no wonder this nasty bit of work topped himself.

Threatened with deportment back to Russia, Sergei finally was given citizenship in Canada where he wrote this book so the truth of what was happening in Russia would be known by the world. Jan 07, Jeff Shelnutt rated it liked it Esbitro Things had not been as ext I have read this book 2 or 3 times over and was very moved by it, even translated it to my own language.

However, after encountering Natasha, not once, but Esbitro times, Sergei gets curious as to what the Believers belief that they consider worth dying for? An American journalist of a local paper in some town in Texas took a trip til Russia accompanied by a camera guy and found many of the people mentioned in the book. The fact that most of this book is total fiction and easily disprovable detracts from it enormously, but it is still a very valuable historical resource as a pro-Western propaganda piece during the Cold War.