Miniature Pressure Transducer With Integrated Temperature Sensor. This transducer is well suited for both dynamic and static pressure. Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance. A brilliantly progressive.

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Kulite Semiconductor Pressure Transducer | TASCAM – International Website –

The tube 31 is inserted at one end into the bore of tube 33 and has an arcuate bend to enable the tube 31 to extend into the header The intake pressure and the pressure difference between the intake pressure and discharge pressure indicates the presence or absence of engine surge.

The pressure sensor device includes a pressure sensor chip disposed within the interior cavity of the header. Only the uklite side of the diaphragm is exposed to the pressure medium for the absolute transducer. Pressure transducer apparatus adapted to measure engine pressure pressufe. In accordance with an example implementation of the disclosed technology, a method is provided for receiving, by a Fabry-Perot Interferometer FPI sensor, first interrogation light having a first wavelength and second interrogation light having a second wavelength.

The cylindrical header 10 has extending tabs 11 and 12 near the rear surface Combined absolute differential transducer.

Also shown is the reference tube 31 directed into the aperture 62 associated with the header In the embodiment of FIG. Fluorescent lighting is notorious for introducing a lot of 60 Hz noise into measurements. That patent depicts a single semiconductor chip which includes dielectrically isolated leadless pressure sensors adapted to simultaneously measure a first pressure and a differential pressure between the first pressure and a second pressure.

Aircraft pressure transducer data sheet – Kulite Semiconductor Products

The electronic switching circuit is configured to drive the first and second switching devices in complementary conduction states responsive to determining the output of the sensor relative to a threshold voltage. Did you apply the tinfoil with the shiny side IN? The prsssure ring or lock nut 32 is positioned in an aperture 45 within the header The absolute pressure will produce an output pressure strictly in accordance with the pressure P R as applied thereto. Each location 57 and 58 has four apertures arranged in a circular pattern, as illustrated by aperture 61 associated with area 57and aperture 60 associated with area As shown in FIG.


The sensor assembly may further include a sensing optical fiber in communication with the first EFPI; a reference optical prsesure in communication with the second EFPI; and a glass header configured to support the sensing optical fiber and the reference optical fiber.

Search Expert Search Quick Search. During this process, the metal frit and the cover wafer glass melts and creates low resistance electrical connection between the header pins and the metal contact pads on the sensor chips. Our client-centric approach, easy payment option, transparent dealing and timely delivery have helped us to achieve the reputed name in the industry. As seen from FIG.

The back surface has an aperture for accommodating a separate preesure die pressure header. Each pressure sensor is a Wheatstone bridge consisting of four piezoresistors secured to a semiconductor substrate.

Kulite ETM 375 Pressure Transducer

Opening 41 eventually receives the header 30 and there is shown the differential pressure port Next Patent High pressure piezor There is shown the extending flanges 11 and 12 with trandsucer associated apertures 13 and In addition from working from a minimal configuration and working up the chain you could perform tests on each of your devices individually to narrow down which one is the source of the unwanted noise.

Now referring to FIGS. If not, try performing your measurement with this type of configuration. The device selectively couples at least one of the plurality of half-bridge structures through a first one of the absolute pressure transducers to form a half active full bridge structure adapted to measure an absolute pressure.

The method includes detecting a measurement signal and a first common-mode signal responsive to receiving altered interrogation light from the first EFPI sensor, the measurement signal corresponding to the measurement stimulus. The transducer of claim 8, wherein said first circuit includes a first Wheatstone bridge structure including first and second circuit portions, said pressurs circuit includes a second Wheatstone bridge structure including third and fourth circuit portions, and said first and third circuit portions are adapted to cooperatively provide said output indicative of said differential and said fourth circuit portion and third circuit are adapted to cooperatively provide said second output.


The frit tdansducer used to fill the holes in the cover wafer and the leadless pressure capsule is bonded to a specifically designed header at a high temperature using a conductive glass frit.

Multifunction DAQ

Such devices can be used to determine aircraft speed where speed is pessure by measuring the total pressure which is the pressure against the nose of the aircraft as it moves through the air and the static pressure which is the atmospheric pressure transrucer the aircraft.

There is herein disclosed a hermetically sealed dielectrically isolated semiconductor sensor fabricated from a single piece of silicon capable of simultaneously measuring absolute and differential pressures. Message 9 of Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Certain example implementations of the disclosed technology include an optical-interferometer sensor assembly for measuring pressure or acceleration. A header assembly for a pressure sensor and methods for manufacturing and using the same are provided. The pressure header according to this invention has a separate header which contains the pressur and differential structures.

A method is provided that can include dynamically pressurizing a liquid in a cavity associated with a housing.

The header 40 further has leads 41 which are directed to a terminal board