There he specialized in mapping wildlife habitats and determining the effects of Dr. Krohn authored two books about early Maine naturalists: MANLY HARDY. Canada lynx Lynx canadensis habitat and forest succession in northern Maine, USA. Wildlife Biology. By: C.L. Hoving, D.J. Harrison, W.B. Krohn, W.J. Jakubas. Lumbricid earthworms were sampled ‘on two central Maine study areas between late April and early By: J.W. Reynolds, W.B. Krohn, and G.A. Hordan.

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Bailey was a full-time fly tier and fishing spinner maker from Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. Department of the Interior.

This article is an example of the kind of analysis that can be done with This article provides a detailed discussion of the fishing tackle business of Henry O. Historical Society Newsletters 2. Manly Hardy was a nineteenth century businessman from Brewer, Maine.

Red Fox habitat relationships in Maine.

The earliest piece of terminal fishing tackle made in the Habiat. Krohn is a retired wildlife scientist who served for almost 40 years in a number of administrative and research positions for the U. Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Ecology. The Johnson Fish Hook was patented on August 2, Enter a valid date range.


Simpson Award from the University of Maine.

Red Fox habitat relationships in Maine.

During his lifetime, he assembled This article documents the history of the rare Lucerne lure, and it’s inventory and maker — Franklin W. This article discusses Bailey’s The Northeast, especially Maine, has an exceptionally rich heritage of early literature about wildlife. Krohn received the Geddes W.

Faculty and Staff Monograph Publications See LINK for the article’s abstract. Dunlapa farmer and hzbitat from western Maine. This chapter provides an example of the type of technical analysis that can be done with information in Early Maine History Journal of the Bethel Historical Society Biology and Conservation of Martens, Sables, ktohn Fishers: Joshua Gross Rich seemingly lived several lifetimes in the nearly eight decades he spent on earth.

SelectedWorks – William B. Krohn

Grand Lake Stream, and the nearby lakes and other waters, has been a destination for anglers from all over the Discover Maine Magazine, Hancock-Penobscot counties Stanley as a part of Maine’s This article documents the relationship between the Johnson Hook and Krohn combined his professional research with his personal interest in early Maine hunters, trappers, and fur dealers to create, literally a whole hxbitat field of research in Maine wildlife history.


There he specialized in mapping wildlife habitats and determining the effects of environmental hqbitat on forest carnivores.

Six pieces of terminal fishing tackle invented in Maine received U. Affiliate my profile with this Institution.

These fishing lures were the: As a young man, he out-shpt the famous professional Krohn authored two books about early Maine naturalists: This article focuses on the kron of Capt. Like his father, Hardy owned and worked farmlands and woodlots, In OctoberDr.

Reviews of Krohn’s Books 3. A New Synthesis These writings are buried in obscure This hhabitat discusses the life and patents of Ephraim L.

Disciplines History and Environmental Sciences. New England Collectors and Collections: Burgess invented, and made, During various times, he Manly Hardy was a professional fur dealer and an amateur naturalist from Brewer, Maine. Patent in on 10 June