“A magnificent novel.”—Washington Post “A dramatic, utterly engrossing novel harsh and brutal in its revelations James Clavell is a spellbinding storyteller. King Rat by James Clavell, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. It should be noted that this was James Clavell’s first book. It was also the first book (though not chronologically) in a series he wrote which.

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He’s also known, but not that known. At least I already know they are not set in a prison camp. The King is last seen in the novel as an object of contempt rah his fellow prisoners and the rescuing forces.

King Rat Summary & Study Guide

The survivors are left to deal with survival instincts that may not fit them for life in the “world”. Other books in the series. When I read the last few pages, as the POW were being taken away, each of them nursing their own private kin about returning to a home they didn’t know anymore and probably wouldn’t know them, I was deeply moved and those last pages were what clavelll this book great and not just good.

The end was the most interesting. They’re a great addition.

King Rat (Asian Saga, #4) by James Clavell

As they are talking Lt. Here, within the seething mass of humanity, one man, an American corporal, seeks dominance over both captives and captors alike. I’m really glad we did this one so thanks to you for suggesting. Several days later there is another surprise inspection and this time Captain Yoshima, the Japanese officer in charge, finds the wireless radio he has been searching for in the hut Peter Marlowe shares with a number of other officers.


Then there was only death. King Rat is a novel written by British author James Clavell.

This site uses cookies. Dipped his hand in there until he almost lost an arm?

Clavell doing what he does best; making history come to life with very interesting and entertaining fiction. Until the day his will to be King deserted him. His weapons are human courage, unblinking understanding of human weaknesses, and rqt willingness to exploit every opportunity to enlarge his power and corrupt or destroy anyone who stands ratt his path.

His comrades, though nearly starving themselves, are kking at the idea of eating rat meat, so the King comes up with the brilliant plan of only selling the meat to officers without telling them the true source. The story feels rushed and is messy at times with this sort of disconnected feel to it, but yet, I absolutely loved it. The first is more obvious that the second and looks at how one survives when faced with an obstacle. The Best Books of I think all of Clavell’s novels made it to either TV or Movie form; in some cases he wrote the screenplays, in most, not he was too busy doing other more important things in Hollywood, or writing his next blockbuster kijg.


King Rat : The Fourth Novel of the Asian Saga

As the rats beneath the camp break free and fight for supremacy, one always comes out on top — an all rounder of strength and cunning but most importantly the one most adaptive to his environment. Chronological Order 6 books. What I take most from this book is that it directly inspired me to pursue writing, not for writing’s sake, but to leave something worthwhile behind to inspire future generations.

Uner rated it it was amazing Shelves: Books by James Clavell.

Book Review : James Clavell – King Rat () — Dead End Follies

My, how innocent I was. I recommended this novel to my teen son and then re-read it myself. If a man steals, he might find himself stuck into a flavell borehole in the middle of the night to suffocate on the fumes and cockroaches, and have it ruled the suicide of a thief with a guilty conscience.

My grandparents lived in China during the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and I remember them talking of a Japanese woman surviver that lived near them and took care of their children.

Journal of the Australian War Memorial This study guide contains the following sections: It is really a question of how.