Being Kemetic allows you to choose a religious path that works for you and helps If you’d like, you can find pre-written Kemetic prayers to incorporate into your. Prayer Ideas Kemetic – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kemetic. It riffs off my shortform Kemetic rite, but with a more casual and less formal such as additional offerings, or any other prayers/hymns/etc you are going to use.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: One among them held up his hand And when there was quiet said, “Anpu, How is it you bring righteous dead to us In thrall in such a way? Make an offering, perhaps a libation or vase of flowers. However, historians say that ancient Egyptian religion forbade eating certain foods, such as pork.

kemetic prayers

In ancient Egypt the secular and sacred were blurred, and there was no separation of church and state. Give offerings to your god or goddess. May you look favourably upon me, and be at peace with me. Other offerings of bread or other food could be made, if you so desire.

Iconographers are called like priests and nuns to their craft. Pasithea’s City A novel trilogy by Sobekemiti. You could also do devotional work, such as art or journaling, if you have the time to spare.

And all assembled in that hall Looked upon my brazenness. This can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it. This really is essential, to give over one space to the Netjer, where prayer, thoughtfulness, and the activities of cultic service may be performed.


If you already have a shrine, awesome. My parents were hardline Baptists…bible thumping church goers who believed and taught in the infallible, inerrant existence of the Christian doctrine. To the ancient goldsmiths and jewelers who created it, the burial mask of Tutankhamun was a piece of sacred machinery, through whose great magic the deceased King Tutankhamun would be transformed into a living manifestation of the Sun-God Ra.

What They do not excuse is laziness, carelessness or irreverence. Kemetism is part of the neopaganism movement, which includes the revival of old religions. If you like a more organized approach or prefer a traditional path, then that might be right for you.

You are awake and in peace, You awaken peacefully. Try lighting a candle or incense in your shrine to help you focus on your prayers. Each time this happens, your relationship with the Gods grows stronger, until you feel you are never separated from the Gods no matter where you are. Since I serve in a traditional or Reconstructionist Temple, we prefer to use a replica of an ancient Mediterranean ceramic oil lamp, which has a natural fiber wick and uses olive oil.

Kemetic lifestyle – Kemetically Speaking

Learn to ponder the names of the Netjeru in your mind, and offer Them thanks or simple prayers in spare moments. Preserver against all ills that plague us, Protector against all foes that imperil us, Yours is the care of humanity, our shelter kemeticc our shield.

However, my own experience is that when we can set aside a little time even once a day, be it morning or not, and we clear a space to celebrate a brief but powerful rite, we will find our life being energized, bit by bit, through the activity of invoking the Sacred. This has been adapted for Ptah by replacing the Ipet-isut of Amun-Ra.


On the cold, tiled floor of a vet’s back room He went peacefully. Hear my prayer Isis, Hear my prayer!

Simple Kemetic Daily Devotions

Welcome, as any beggar might be, In sheets of borrowed linen. You can choose whatever time you like to do these. The House of Netjer has a daily ritual called “senut,” and libations are daily. Anubis, measurer of hearts, friend of the dead, warder against the dark, I praise and honor you.

The World Needs Love. Light a candle and burn some incense, then talk to them. Create a small shrine to honor your ancestors.

The Udjat: My Path to Kemet and Our Daily Kemetic Prayer

O god of all language, friend of the scholar and the scribe, the writer and the reckoner, god of the word in all its might, master of mathematics, I pray to you for insight and for understanding, for learning and for reason, for praydrs gathering of knowledge and the judgment to use it wisely and well. In my world, it is the icon, a small panel covered in intricate details, gold and semi-precious stones, that has as much meaning as a massive stone temple or a solid gold cult image.

Things came to a head, and I had to make a choice. I found myself in a kemeti hall Which I followed, into a room of thrones And on these thrones were seated gods; Kemeric waited, but not for me. To the ancient Egyptians, the personality of individual artists was practically insignificant.

Renenutet, lady of the fertile fields, namer of children, I praise and honor you.