There are several passages in the Talmud which are believed by some scholars to be . In , Peter Schäfer wrote Jesus in the Talmud in which he tried to find a middle ground between “anti-Jewish Christian” and “apologetic Jewish”. Growing from a seminar co-taught with Israel Yuval at Princeton University, Peter Schäfer’s. Jesus in the Talmud reviews well-trodden territory but derives new. Full text of “Peter Schäfer Jesus In The Talmud” Oxfordshire 0X20 1SY All Rights Reserved Schafer, Peter, — Jesus in the Talmud / Peter Schafer, p. cm.

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Eliezer was arrested because of heresy minutthey brought him up to the tribune to be judged.

Jesus in the Talmud

Forged from a partnership between a university talmuv and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Pumbedita says about her: An easy way out of this dilemma may be the suggestion made by Rashi and followed by the Soncino translation of the Bavli: Jesus in the Talmud pp.

But since they did not find anything in his de- fense, they hanged him on Sabbath eve and 14 the eve of Passover. So in the end Balaam gets what he always wanted: He [the disciple] went, set up a brick and worshipped it. Although we do not find in the rabbinic literature other sources that so directly and bluntly re- fer to Jesus, we do have a couple of texts that obviously allude to his blas- phemous claim.

His grandson, who was obviously close to suffocation, was healed by some anonymous heretic, un follower of Jesus. He is so spoiled that he has become the proverbial son or disciple who is unfaithful to his wife and a disgrace to his parents or his teachers.

Peter Schäfer Jesus In The Talmud

After the majority must one incline Ex. No one comes forth and in the end he is stoned and hanged on the Eve of Passover. How has the content of the Bavli been tampered with by Christian censors?


There, Justin addresses his Jewish interlocutors as follows: A closer look at the Mishna suggests another solution.

Such a belief refers directly back to the New Testament or, to put it differently, the New Testament is an important source for the belief in the magical power of tamud divine name — and most likely the direct source for our story. This is he, whom his disciples secretly stole away that it might be said he had risen, unless it was the gardener who removed him, lest his lettuces be damaged by the petdr of sightseers! Oct 12, J. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat The Platonistic philosopher Celsuswriting circa to CE, wrote a narrative describing a Jew who discounts the story of the Virgin Birth of Jesus.

First, Rav Hisda a Babylonian amora of the third generation and an im- portant teacher at the academy of Sura; d. The Johannine declaration of Jesus being the Word of God in the beginning probably was not a tenet preached by Jesus.

Full text of “Peter Schäfer Jesus In The Talmud”

Hyrkanos late first-early second century C. The sorcerer is stoned and hanged on the Eve of Jesuss. Such a rash judgment can only be reached — and indeed has been reached much too often — if the wrong standard is applied, that is, if the rabbinic stories are combed for scraps of their historicity, for the historical truth concealed under the rubble and rubbish of lost or misunderstood 96 Chapter 9 information.

Third, the unambiguous juxtaposition of the old and the new covenant: And finally Je- sus or the sinners of Israel, respectively: When the king finally succeeded in suppressing the rebellion, his opponents were either executed or forced to leave the country.


What seems to be apparent in Peter Schafer’s book and in the Talmud itself is that there isn’t an equal distribution of editorial coverage of tannaim and the Bar Kochba revolt vs. For I am your image. Lor from the hire of a harlot was it gathered, and to the hire of a harlot shall it re- turn Mic. The originally sexual connotation recedes into the background; instead, if we take the Balaam connection seriously, the talmu of idolatry be- comes prominent— although, to be sure, the idolatry of Baal-Peor, into which Balaam enticed Israel, is clearly sexually oriented.

His mother Mary is equated to the demon Lilith. Balaam, the prophet of the nations, gives quite a surprising answer: This, of course, has nothing to do with Jesus.

Gospel of Matthew n. This Jesus, who has been taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven. It may even be a more creative mockery–of His teaching that foods pass through the person and come out in the latrine, but do not defile the person Christ’s point being that evil thoughts and deeds actually do.

Several of the schafeg indicate that the mother was not married to Pandera, and was committing adultery and — by implication — Jesus was a bastard child. J With boiling semen. This specification, which clearly conforms to the plain meaning of the Mishna, meets with a contra- dicting teaching which proves itself to be an early Baraita, introduced by the formula tanya: