Mass and Balance covers the factors governing the loading of an aeroplane to ensure that the longitudinal centre of gravity and mass are within the structural. Questions-Mass-and-balance · View. Mass and Balance, Oxford · View. Mass and Balance ATPL · View. Operational Procedures · View. Buy JAA ATPL Mass & Balance – JA and other aviation books at yout pilot shop headquarters, Pilots HQ.

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Jeppesen. JAA ATPL Training Mass and Balance [PDF] – Все для студента

Chapter 7 Page 9 These are a means of securing a cargo net to a lashing point. The maximum weight at which semiaerobatic manoeuvres may be conducted may also be limited. It is important that an aircraft be loaded such that it is reasonably balanced about the centreline.

Aja may be in Imperial measurements or American. Ramp Weight Max. When using the diagram at Figure and moving in the direction of the arrows, multiply as shown. In other words anything or anyone carried that earns money for the airline. It is obviously necessary that the weight of the LMCs be considered, however providing that the total weight of LMCs does not exceed a given figure, the effect of this additional weight on the trim of the aircraft can be ignored.

The maximum payload that can be loaded at B is 6, kg. Determine the weight of the aircraft, and the position of the aircraft CG relative to the datum. Seat 3 lb. The total weight of an aircraft and all of its contents at a specific time. As you can see from the following diagram the method of use is precisely the same as the previous example. Box 4 – kgs. Add the weights in Boxes 28, 29 and 31 to determine the total traffic load, which is inserted in Boxes 32 and The person supervising the loading of the aeroplane must confirm by signature that the load and its distribution are in jsa with the mass and balance documentation.


Dry Operating Mass 35, kgs.

Aircraft Mass & balance (JAA ATPL theory) Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | AnyFlip

Extract from Loading Manual. It is the white portion of the aptl within the two shaded ferry portions, which is the area within which the ZFW CG must fall. This Appendix contains acceptable means of compliance in respect of Weight and Centre-of-Gravity and Loading and Distribution Schedules provided in accordance with the requirements.

Calculate the maximum traffic load. Additional fixed weights which can be removed, if necessary, that are carried, to ensure the centre of gravity remains within the safe limits, in balwnce circumstances. The effects of operating with the centre of gravity forward of the permitted forward limit include: Renter Exam – Northway Aviation.

The CG envelope will be wider in the latter case, however it may still be masss to use ballast in order to position the CG of the essentially empty aeroplane within limits.

Reserve Fuel 6, kg. Preval Princeton Tec Prist Aerospace. Determine how much freight must be moved from a hold 96 ins.

AeroControlex Aeroflash Aeroflash Signa. Every balande has been mads to ensure the validity and accuracy of the material contained herein, however no responsibility is accepted for errors or discrepancies. In this condition the aircraft is said to be trimmed. To facilitate the rapid and easy calculation of either the new CG position, when a load is added or removed, or the amount of load which must be removed in order to achieve a given CG position there is an algebraic solution.


Jeppesen. JAA ATPL Training Mass and Balance

It is this value which is used to set the trim anc the variable incidence tail plane for take-off. The forward centre of gravity limit is established to ensure there is sufficient elevator movement available at minimum flight airspeed. Jxa of the disposable load must be entered in Part C of the Weight and CG Schedule, which contains the lever arm of each cargo stowage position, hold and each row of passenger seats.

Simple Green Skilcraft Skurka Aerospac. Basic equipment is that which is common to all roles plus unconsumable fluids such as hydraulic fluid. The change of moment caused by moving 1 lb. Weight Less Fuel and Payload 67, kg. The weighing machine must be accurate to within 0.

The maximum traffic load that may be carried in any circumstances. If the loaded weight of the aeroplane is lbs, determine the lateral position of the CG. Relevant arms, given in inches aft of the datum: