Irina Tweedie was a British women who went to live and study in northwest India with a Naqshbandi Sufi teacher. Her book “The Chasm of Fire, A Women’s. Irina Tweedie was born in Russia in , and educated in Vienna and Paris. Following World War II, she married an English naval officer, whose death in Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master. $ Paperback. Books by Irina Tweedie. Showing 1 Result Books: Advanced Search.

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We think somewhere above our head, in our mental body, and the brain is only transmuting it and puts it into words.

If the king was also a free spirit, or the ruler, then he allowed them to help him. The mind knows very little about it.

And it would seem tweexie if — and I know that there’s a Sufi tradition not to talk about a lot of these esoteric subjects until the pupil is ready, so I can understand your reticence about discussing them — but there is a sense in which when these esoteric subjects are revealed, that much of the work of the Sufi trainer goes on in the inner planes itself, in the realm of the origin of creativity, in the realm of spirit — that there’s almost — perhaps I’m reaching too far, but would it be untrue to say that the Sufis are almost like technicians of that realm?

Well, there does seem to be a paradox here, because for people who are trying to find a spiritual teacher — and you refer yourself to the many false gurus there are — one needs this little tool we have, whatever intellect or ways of discerning or discriminating, to find a good igina.

“Who Wants Truth as Badly as That?”

He was sitting in the garden, and I was so disgusted I didn’t want to look at him. It was as if something snapped inside my head, and the irinw of me was streaming out ceaselessly, without diminishing, on and on. A feeling of unending expansion, just irlna forth.


Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. So they asked the prophet Mohammed if they could remain with him. They are not gurus, and not even teachers — just guides, to explain the beings where they are standing at that moment. You see, our teacher used to say, “We are never intended to be many. It is like putting your foot in a wasp’s nest. So I really don’t know how to answer to that. They sometimes seem to be associated with the various endocrine tweeedie.

Besides, I really believe that we are never alone. From the deepest depth This combination of suffering so that she would “lose herself in every way”, and the teacher’s continued presence and influence resulted in different spiritual experiences. Even the Jewish hasidic stories are supposedly derived from Sufi tales, and the Brer Rabbit tales. Get to Know Us. I think it was the same in England.

Most things on the path of the mystics are not known to the mind. English Choose a language for shopping. That is really the idea at the background of it all.

I think we in the West live on the level of the mind.

Irina Tweedie – Wikipedia

It is terribly important, but there is no guiding line. This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat It was a idina. There are moments of oneness with the Beloved, absolutely ecstasy and bliss. It’s “As above, so below” tewedie on the spiritual plane, and also in this life. Views Read Edit View history. And also it leads to a complete change of values.

And when the Sufi becomes really rich, or through his talent gets a very good position, he will resign this position.

By some psychic means the prophet Mohammed felt that they were coming, and he said, “Some kamal pash, the blanket wearers, are coming. Don’t we say in the Lord’s Prayer, “Don’t lead me into temptation”? And this is the role of the teacher, I gather, is the development of the will power, the higher forms of intellect.

It is part of the Sufi tradition as well, and it is a very strong driving force. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Due to her second husband’s premature death inshe went through a personal crisis that launched her on a spiritual quest.


We use them, as one I would like to mention, we use it as dream interpretation. But you see, here again we’re saying something which is very deceptive. Well, it seems like such a special path, in a way.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Only 12 left in stock more on the way. Iriha yet these stories have been preserved and handed down over time. Tweedie, look at me. At the beginning I could contact him only in meditation. Email for contact not necessary: You flow out like a river without diminishing.

What really struck me the most about reading about your process — and I think many, many people can identify with this — was the doubts that you experienced — not just doubts, but the process seemed to alternate between moments of great peace and great ecstasy, and moments of the most profound inner torture, moments of great hatred, moments of agony, moments of pain. Nothing says that negative is bad, but in the sense of irins, the krina and the negative pole.

You seem to be saying, then, that rather than try and use our intellect to discriminate — which is really a way of separating ourselves from whatever life has to bring us — I gather your message is more to drink deeply of the cup of life, to live intensely. There’s a purpose for it. We’re pulled in this direction and in that direction — a little bit of spirituality Sunday mornings, and then we go to work, and then we have the family, and then we have our recreation.

One surrenders to the light within oneself, the light of the soul — that part in us which belongs to eternity. List of sufis Notable early Notable modern Singers.