Il Viaggio di Reims (libretto). Uploaded by rachellelagrange Libretto of the opera ‘Il Viaggio a Reims’ by Gioacchino Antonio Rossini, with English. A group of European aristocrats planning to attend Charles X’s coronation in Reims, await their departure at the Giglio d’oro. Madama Cortese, the director of the. Il viaggio a Reims, dramma giocoso in one act to a libretto by Luigi Balocchi, was first performed at the Théâtre Italien, Paris, on 19th June The singers in.

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Il viaggio a Reims – Synopsis

A Lost Masterpiece Recoveredp. Rossini biographical film Rossini! Inthe Royal Opera, London gave several performances: Le inservienti de’ bagni partono. Il viaggio a Reims. Voi siete l’idol mio This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat The German music lover Barone di Trombonok, who has witnessed the incident, is soon joined by Don Profondo, a fanatical antiquarian and by Don Alvaro, a Spaniard, and his viaggii companion, the Polish Marchese Melibea.

The Barber of Seville William Tell.

She is not pleased when Don Profondo tells her that he has been having a poetry lesson. The Barber of Seville film. Sferze e cornette – percoton l’aere, le bestie struggonsi – di galoppar. It was conducted by Claudio Abbado and directed by Luca Ronconi.

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Il viaggio a Reims – Rossini Opera Festival

Lord Sidney who tormented by his undeclared love for Corinna offers her flowers. Reiims stacca un fiore, e lo pone in petto. When everyone else has left, the Baron tries to reconcile the jealous Count with the Marquise, who has been seen with Don Alvaro.


A tali accenti, in seno riede la dolce calma; d’idee ridenti, l’alma pascendo or sol si va. El alma se va tranquilizando. La reverencia, tanto al salir como al entrar. Each is a magical essay in the Ossianic style Ellen’s song in La donna del lago points this way and each is magically sung on the present recording by Cecilia Gasdia, the girl whom everyone thinks of as the new Maria Callas.

He soon abandons himself to dreams of eternal love. Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Gioachino Rossini”. Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Bach ne trassero un gran livretto.

Libenskof begs for her forgiveness, she yields to his tenderness, and they make peace in an ardent duet. It also stimulated him to special flights of creative fancy as we can hear in the late and still too little known Peches de Vieillesseand, most lavishly of all, in this cornucopian revel.

Oppio e pistole a vento, cambiali con molt’oro i bill, ch’il parlamento tre volte legger fe’. Sogno o son desta? Though the plot if slight—an array of international grandees are gathered at an inn in Plombieres en route for the coronation in Reims—the entertainment is richly elaborated in a way which precluded easy assimilation into the standard operatic repertoire.

Il Turco in Italia.

At last everyone present joins in requesting, as a worthy conclusion to the festivities, a poetic improvisation by Corinna. Ella pur l’ama, accorta me ne sono: La incertidumbre me mata Perdonad si me atrevo a turbar el bello coro de vuestros sublimes pensamientos Gran piante genealogiche degli avoli e bisavoli, colle notizie storiche di quel che ognuno fu.


Il viaggio a Reims – Wikipedia

Otello, ossia Il Moro di Venezia. Entrano varie contadine con de’ vasi di fiori e cantano il seguente coro. Don Profondo, who has seen the Chevalier with Corinna, reflects that the Countess will scratch the Chevalier’s eyes out if she finds out what he has been doing.

She rejects him in disdain. In the nature of things, coronations don’t happen every week and the apostrophization of Charles X is central to the design. Four strolling players, chorus of countrymen and women, gardeners, hotel staff, dancers, servants.

Rossini Il viaggio a Reims

Retrieved librstto ” https: Soccorso a lei porgete. He then turns his attention to enumerating the effects of his fellow-travellers as requested by the Baronnoting that their possessions tend to sum up their each of their nations’ characteristics.

The Baron has engaged a travelling company to provide entertainment with singing and dancing. Ramey also gives us a bold account of Rossini’s splendid arrangement of God Save the King in the junketings during the final entertainment.

Vinta nel gran cimento, avria la Dea d’amor.