Die Nibelungen has 66 ratings and 1 review. Köksal said: YORUM;kitap, manzum-düzuazı şeklinde, bir tarihi roman olacak şekilde yeniden düzenlense, çok. Prior to the outbreak of World War I in , von Harbou had performed on stage in Friedrich Hebbel’s dramatised version of the saga dating. Cover of Friedrich Hebbel’s Die Nibelungen. Graesers Schulausgabe klassischer Werke – herausgegeben von Dr. Eduard Castle und Dr.

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He feared that Siegfried’s challenge to Gunther to fight with him for his kingdom had attained a different and a less naively heroic character through the nibelnugen definite, motivated expression which the drama gave it, and that it had lost in heroic naturalness.

This calls to mind the accounts of Christ’s death given in the Gospels. In Holstein, hebbrl comes from an egg laid by a twenty-year-old cock, and from its poisonous glance everything dies, and even stones burst apart. You have also succeeded most admirably in the entire fantastic and romantic part of the poem, the conception and delineation of Brunhild, that of the dwarfs, the Huns, and so forth. As far as the drama is concerned, it is still to be considered that though epic and lyric show us narrators and singers, thus, in a certain sense, characteristic masks with definite qualities, the drama is to depict for us naked man as he acts and speaks out of his nature.

In making the birds which circle about Siegfried crows, daws, and owls, Hebbel doubtless had in mind the popular nibelunge which attach evil significance to these birds, especially in nibelungej where the raven is not common.

Quite contrary to my expectations, so much so, that not even in the farthest corner of my heart was hidden a silent hope which divined it. Yes, you have treated the question- able incident of the bridal-night mystery, a terror for all modest muses, with infinitely greater tenderness, discretion, and purity than all your pious and ‘temperate’ predecessors. Ich wollte dem Publikum bloss das grosse National-Epos ohne eigene Zuthat dramatisch naher riicken.

Gunther of Brunhild after Siegfried’s death sie fluchte uns Noch grauenvoller, als Kriemhild uns fluchte, Und loderte in Flammen auf, wie nie, Seit sie im Kampf erlag. Sie werfen wieder Todte aus den Fenstern. From her absolute, planless, even dreamless passivity, which goes so far that not even her child, Siegfried’s son, is anything to her, she is aroused by Etzel’s wooing, she grasps his hand because the mightiest sword in the world gleams in it, and then seeks to bring Hagen within her power, because she does not doubt that her brother, who, through fear of his fury, did not prevent him from murdering Siegfried, can also not prevent her from wreaking vengeance on him through fear of Etzel.


Full text of “Hebbel’s Nibelungen, its sources, method, and style”

Morris was solely nibelyngen by the Norse sources, which he knew so thoroughly. Ich horte stets, dass Liebe kurze Lust Und langes Leid zu bringen pflegt, ich seh’s Ja auch an Dir mibelungen werde nimmer lieben. Hebbel’s knowledge of Raupach’s ” Nibelungen-Hort ” prob- ably dates from the first time he saw Christine Enghaus in the play, and his first criticism of it appears when the pos- sibility of his own use of the Nibelungen material becomes a probability in his mind, and again during the actual hebbek of production.

Robert Schumann ‘s opera Genoveva is based on a play of Hebbel. If Frigga had but read earlier the contents of the tablet, she would have refused to obey the priests who commanded the child’s baptism, and would thus have kept her within the pale of absolute heathendom. Through her patronage, he was able to go to the University of Hamburg.

Nibe,ungen Strasser rated it it was amazing Feb 28, So hat Euch ein Verrather auch gewarnt. Der Eine schont Des Andern nicht mehr. At Brunhild’s reception at Worms, Ute attributes the harsh- ness of her nature to her life and environments, and typifies this attitude by saying: Wartet doch, Bis sie heruber kommen.

The epic has the strife begun earlier, and renewed at the cathe- dral, both before and after mass ; Hebbel concentrates it into a single scene. Und als er das gesagt, entschlief er. Preview — Die Nibelungen by Friedrich Hebbel. And, as the ripest product of his genius and one of the few dramatic versions of the Nibelungen saga which has found favor on the stage, 1 Hebbel’s ” Nibelungen ” offers an interesting field for investi- hebbe into its nibbelungen and workmanship.

The name is doubtless connected with Old High German runa, and was perhaps once an appella- tion for mythical niibelungen. The entire scene at Bechlarn occurs in the reception hall, while the epic has the betrothal of Giselher and Gudrun take place later at the feast. Brunhild wird Gennant, auch ich. Nun, nun, sie wird’s vergessen. The gods thought they had been very lucky, and took off the otter’s skin.

Die Nibelungen by Friedrich Hebbel

Hebbel recorded no further perform- ance than the tenth on the i8th of June, although the first two parts were produced again, once in September, and twice in November, i 3 But the poet did not live to see a perform- ance of the entire trilogy upon the Vienna stage.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But I will first await renewed reading in book form, which I hope will soon appear, before I consider this opinion as grounded or repudiated. Yet the Norse versions did not fully meet his requirements, and he acknowledges that his Brunhild is a more independent creation than the other principal char- acters of his ” Nibelungen.

T Hebbel, Siegfrieds Tod. Mein Konig und mein Bruder, sage Nein! Hebbel also emphasizes the Hunnish cowardice which the epic intimates; he enlarges upon Etzel’s 1 Hagen has sent Chriemhild’s son to Siegmund, but Brunhild’s demands are that Chriem- hild be sent, too, and that the stolen hoard be given to her.

For the pure drama, he felt that the figures of the Middle High German epic were nearest to a modern audience in human in- terest, and his sole desire was to interpret them. Hebbel never specifically men- tions the Norse literature, though he refers indirectly to the mythology of the Edda. Volker of Werbel O, der ist falsch, wie’s erste Eis! Frigga consistently says Odin, 3 and Volker, in his vision of the hoard, in which he reverts to the Norse account, uses the same form; 4 the chaplain, on the other hand, says Wodan, 5 hebbel the nibelngen king Iring says Wodan and Odin.

Sie war An der Geburt gestorben und mit ihr Zugleich die Frucht. In he visited Copenhagenwhere he obtained from Nibelunfen Christian VIII a small travelling studentship, which enabled him to spend some time in Paris and two years — in Italy.

The conception in the Nibelungenlied and with Hebbel is that of swan-maidens, although Hebbel inclines to the popular idea of the mermaid in making them seem like fish when they give their evil prophecies.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Is it the fresh, healthy atmosphere which nibflungen streams from the old epic into my rendering?

File:Friedrich Hebbel-Nibelungen.jpg

Hebbel has retained all the characters that are essential to the action, but numerous minor persons of the Nibelungenlied are omitted. This is the only mention of the name of Fafnir, who, accord- ing to Norse versions, was the sole possessor of the hoard. After the gods have been vanquished, Surt casts fire hebble the earth which consumes the whole world.