Ahmet Hulusi Efendi’nin Efganistan Elçiliğine Dair Vesikalar”, Istanbul Üniversitesi Tarih Dergisi, IV, Sept. Harp Tarihi Başkanlığı, Balkan Harbi, H-II. Bkz, İsmail Erünsal, “Türk Edebiyatı Tarihi’nin Arşiv Kaynakları I II. . Bâyezid devrine Ait bir İn’âmât Defteri”, İ:Ü. Tarih Enstitüsü Dergisi, Asır Sanayi ve Ticaret Tarihine Dair Vesikalar” Belleten, XXIV, 93 Ankara , s. askeri, kültür ve harp sanatı açısından dikkat çeken milletlerin başında Türkler gelir. 23 Harp Tarihi Vesikalar Dergisi; Sayı 52, Vesika No ı Tümerdem; Yunanlılarla istiklal Harbi, istanbul, , s. Fahri Belen; Türk Kurtuluş.

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In the official decree for deportation 30 Vseikalar a clear stipulation for confiscation was included with regard to the property. From he served as military attache to Berlin and became thoroughly Germanophile. The Saint Ephraim church was vandalized and property was stolen, whereas gendarmes beat up a Syriac village headman.

For critical notes on survivor memoirs see: On 23 January in the afternoon, the building was surrounded and occupied by a dozen armed men.

Catalog Record: Harp tarihi vesikaları dergisi | Hathi Trust Digital Library

There he had them tortured to exact confessions on the locations of hidden arms depots. When the war was over, he was arrested and incarcerated in Istanbul.

Although a full discussion of the ideological debates within the CUP is outside the scope of this study, a brief description of the ideas of influential thinkers and powerful politicians is necessary in order to comprehend the policies that were in effect after The CUP dictatorship exerted its influence in this province through a network of mainly Kurdish members. Oxford University Press,p. The scope of armament and the extent of its organization were blown out of proportion and photos were taken of the arms and the culprits.

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Although this order was most probably destroyed assuming it existed at allthere was clearly vesikala instruction for Regid to desist. Yves Temon, Mardin He graduated from Edime High School, joined the staff of the telegraph company in Edime, but was arrested in by the Abdulhamid regime for subversive political activities. I have no means of knowing whether they were true, but after each new story people went home and fingered at their rifles.

Catalog Record: Harp tarihi vesikaları dergisi | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Die Niedermetzelung der Armenier im Vilajet Diarbekir wird hier alltaglich bekannter und erzeugt eine wachsende Unruhe unter der hiesigen Bevolkerung die bei der unverstandigen Gewissenlosigkeit und der Schwache der hiesigen Regierung leicht unabsehbare Folgen herbeifiihren kann.

Many villagers were crammed together in the house of the village dergiai Elias Cabbar Hinno, and burnt alive.

Of all her sons, Omer was particularly eligible for this fratricidal operation due to his ferociousness. Chemin faisant, nous parlions souvent politique en voiture.

Omer escaped prosecution and retreated into the Garzan region. Some were drawn and quartered, or hacked to pieces with axes. Aus der Stadt kamen Tiirken und nahmen uns unsere Kinder weg. We would like to request a telegraphic answer on whether their patriotic venture will be necessary or not, and present our compliments, hrap brothers.

Erlebnisse in Mesopotamien wahrend des Weltkrieges Zurich: Rejid had pursued all over Diyarbekir province. Noel on Special Duty in Kurdistan Basra: Imge,3rd editionp. The revenue of the genocide was considerable: Gegen Abend hatten wir uns zum Aufbruch bereit gemacht, als wir von Tiirken, die aus der Stadt kamen, angegriffen wurden.

Meclisi Mebusan Zabit Ceridesi, 3rd election period, 4th sitting, 60th session, p. So erklarte mir ein Kurdischer Holzhacker in Diarbekir, auf meine Frage, wieviel Armenier er schon auf dem Gewissen habe, ganz naiv: Als sie aus Diarbekir herausreisten, kam der Offizier, der sie bis dorthin begleitet hatte, mit einigen Gendarmen und suchte sich mehrere hiibsche junge Madchen und Knaben aus und liess die iibrigen mit Gendarmen zuriick, er selbst ging mit seiner Beute davon.


Nuri was assassinated and Midyat too was deprived of opposition against the violence. Malmisanij, Kurt Teaviin [n. According to Halil Menteje d. These assassinations were carried out by organized gangsters loyal to factions around Talat and especially Enver. His intensive arms searches of the first three weeks of April had delivered some results for his militia as many arms were found. The church was burnt down and the houses were destroyed, but inhabitants proclaiming loyalty were allowed to work for the Midyat chieftains.

Although the decision was not unanimous, the victims refused, whereupon they were stripped of their clothes and belongings. Since religion defined communal boundaries in the Ottoman theocracy, this only added to the portentousness of Diyarbekir.

Bilim Ve Gelecek Dergisi

Remember me Forgot password? Tribal interests and loyalties were superordinated to religious interests and loyalties.

Pakrad related them that his father Abraham got caught up in the books searches. From 15 May on, the scenario of Diyarbekir was repeated in Mardin. When the CUP wrested the revolution ibrahim repudiated the new cabinet veesikalar declared his independence. Hilmi reportedly answered that the Armenians of Mardin were Arabic-speaking Catholics, and had little in common with the Gregorian Armenians.