Erotism. Taboo and sacrifice, transgression and language, death and sensuality- Georges Bataille pursues these themes with an original, often. Taboo and sacrifice, transgression and language, death and sensuality-Georges Bataille pursues these themes with an original, often startling perspective. Redirect to: Georges Bataille. Retrieved from ” php?title=Erotism:_Death_and_Sensuality&oldid=”.

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Affinities between reproduction and seneuality. Eroticism is a domain of taboo and its transgression: The intro to this book has a lovely poetry to it and is worth re-reading.

In moments of sexual intensity fear of loss of discontinuity death and pain are transcended, stimulating a sense of continuity. Erotism Death and Sensuality. In george first reading, I missed any deep message that he intended and thought that most of his points were antiquated.

Erotism: Death & Sensuality Summary & Study Guide

Therese to Claude Levi-Strauss and Dr. They exist on the edge of awareness erotixm Sade helps make the horrors of sacrifice more accessible, if only as aberrations and extensions of erotic impulses. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Some taboos familiar but general taboo on sex yet to be explored: So Religion is moving force behind breaking taboos, founded on feeling of awe and terror and reaffirming taboos by transgression of the law.

Either involves a transgression of taboos; either violates the status quo of culture. There were parts that really got me interested, and then came parts that I just wanted to stop reading cause it was just so Dull and repetitive. He also misses the the significance of the Kinsey Reports, which he nevertheless discusses for a good chapter, and considering that this is a book on sexual taboos I’m a bit surprised that he never once discussed homosexuality.


Ripercorre tutto, dalla preistoria sino ad oggi stesso. C The flesh in sacrifice and in love: D The rules of exogamy, giving women away, and the need for a rule to share them out among the men: But then taboos if not transgressed eliminate the very consciousness to be studied. The attraction of obscenity for outsiders paradoxically gives greater point to sexuality.

Extreme states can never be subjected to calm reflection. Sacrifice brings life and death into harmony: Commenting on Claude Levi-Strausshe suggests a different approach that could be taken to exogamy. F Cruelty and organized war: Now that I’ve read Bataille’s fiction, deatg non-fiction and theory and not ever a poem but a quick google search just verified that those exist, upon which I would’ve bet the quite unproductive farmI can assume his poetry has merit.

The orgy is necessarily disappointing, all lose individuality, but this obscures the desirable object and eroticism works through the objective signs of the object.

It completely freaked out the World Religions class.

Erotism – Georges Bataille – Google Books

Excess, useless pleasure, is by definition outside of reason and work, and logically implies denial of others rights. He identifies this limit with himself. Sexual Plethora and Death A Reproductive activity seen as a form of growth: Pochi quelli che capiscano cosa sia il divino.


During work consumption is minimized. This is absurd, especially re: In other words, he is interested in how aspects of being human relate to and with each other, rather than considering them on their own merits and meanings. This is an oversimplification, but in essence, Bataille examines the overlap between life and death; between existence and non-existence; and the role eroticism plays within that arena.

Eroticism by Georges Bataille | Issue 46 | Philosophy Now

His ideas are thought-provoking but ultimately ridiculous. To perceive the violence of human bwtaille is to be deeply stirred. The second part of the book is titled “Some Aspects of Eroticism”.

Transgressive acts intentionally removal of discontinuous to continuous existence as in erotic act which strips beloved of identity and exposes her to impersonal violence of sexual organs. Srotism gift substitutes for sex a form of expenditure of resources, making giving and humanity possible.

Sade starts with absolute irresponsibility and ends in utter self- control. B In literature the idea of absolute and sovereign georgex occurs after the revolutionary denial of the monarchic principle: Comments and interesting job offers to: