This is our collection of freestyle footbag moves, collected over the years and contributed by various footbag players. Thanks in large part go to Adrian Dick. This hacky sack expert will show you a variety of different moves and tricks as well as introduce you to a few different games to play in the footbag hobby. Footbag, more commonly known as Hacky Sack (a name trademarked by and stalls used that form the foundation kicking with a group or performing tricks.

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September Learn how and when to remove this template message. The point is that, Hacky Sack is a generic trademark for the actual Footbag, or the game played with it. In the latter, the player performs an outside kick while in mid-air. From a right toe delay, hopping off the left leg, bring the left leg around the bag from out to in to land to support an out to in mirage by the right foot ending on a left toe delay.

Trricks Surging Barfly 6 adds.

Much like figure skating, players are given scores for technical and artistic merit. Ducking Mirage 3 adds. Then circle the bag with the right leg from the front up and over the footbag ending on a left foot clipper delay. He never named it so I’d like to call it Phantasma.


Freestyle footbag – Wikipedia

In this, a group attempts to get a normal hack. Roll down chest to inside hit.

It is done to gain more control of the footbag, or to set up prior to fotobag trick. Fiotbag footbag shredder Anssi Sundberg demonstrates the toe stall, inside stall, and clipper stall. This thus gives them a “red dot. Look slightly upwards to the get the top of the head perfectly flat. Practice the 3 basic kicks — inside left and rightoutside left and right and toe kick. Fun Activities for Teenagers.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Pixie Eclipse 4 adds. Another variation is the knee delay.

Curtis Jensen Kick it in, stall toeflipit to a stall on inside of right toe, sweep right foot behind left leg, pop the sac up in the air then stall it on left foot, flip it on inside of left toe the repeat the same motion back onto right foot again. Hold an inside delay close to the ground and hop over it with the support leg. Symposium Reverse Whirl 4 adds. Skate shoes can be good to learn with; they provide many areas from which you can kick and stall the bag.

Flux Trocks Osis 4 adds. In order to keep a hack going, you may need to stall it on your back, chest, neck, face, knee, or even between your chin and neck.


Hacky Sack Tricks List

Surge Surging Paradox Mirage 5 adds. Stalling the footbag on the forehead is involved here.

Spyro Gyro Gyro Butterfly Swirl 5 adds. Fun Games to Play with Friends. Then plant your right leg and do a left leg out to in double dexterity- ending in a right leg clipper delay. Walk Over 2 adds.

How to Play Hacky Sack: 13 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

In the former, there is an inside kick while the player is in mid-air. Then you catch it again in a rake. Symposium Eggbeater 4 adds.

Pogo Paradox Mirage 4 adds. Atom Smasher Atomic Mirage 3 adds. Delay the footbag on the heel of the foot. Adam Kellett Stall footbagg bag on your neck, pop it up and over your head to stall on your chest. A person gets out in this variation by getting hit three times or whatever the designated number is at the beginning of the match. From a right clipper delay plant the right leg and rricks the left leg over the bag from the front up and around to land this leg back in its original clipper position.