PDF | On, Michael Kifer and others published Ediff User’s Manual. Consult the Ediff doc, starting with the Ediff manual (C-h i, scroll down and choose Ediff) or the doc strings, to learn about Ediff. The web page. Ediff User’s Manual. 1. Introduction, About Ediff. 2. Major Entry Points, How to use Ediff. 3. Session Commands, Ediff commands used within a session.

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AB and sometimes C if you are comparing three things. By now it should come as no surprise that you can change many details about the way that Ediff works so edif better fits your way of thinking and working. Credits Thanks to those who helped.

This is different from almost any other situation in Emacs, in that you’re looking at and manipulating content in one frame while a second frame has focus.

Thank you for editing and converting it in a much professional question format. Major Entry Points How to use Ediff. This is much more helpful than the traditional diff mode, making it worthwhile learning the strange new interface. Go to the difference specified as a numeric prefix argument. Support for Version ControlPrevious: This command might cause the control window to lose focus, forcing you to click back into it before issuing the next Ediff command.

Ediff User’s Manual

If you got into ediff some other way, probably do wx where x is the buffer you want to save, it’s b here since buffer B is the one we want to keep. This closes the Ediff control window, but Ediff remembers that you were in the middle of a session, to which you can return later whenever you’d like.

Window and Frame ConfigurationUp: Not the final merged version of the file. It opened two buffers in two windows side-by-side. Customizing the Mode LinePrevious: Yes spelling, imaginary words Ediff prompts you for the file you’d like to compare defaulting to the file associated with the current bufferand the revision s you’d like to compare, defaulting to the version last checked in and the current state of the buffer.


Restore the current difference in buffer A or B to the way it was before copying from the other buffer. See “Recovering from Confusion” later in this chapter.

In working with any version control system, you sometimes want to compare different revisions of a file. In addition to the control window, you’ll see the differences between the files you’re comparing inside the frame you were previously using for editing.

In its default configuration, the control window is designed to be small enough not to get in the way on smaller displays. Notice the bright green? If we were being really smug we could to talk about why Rousseau was fantastically brillianter than the rest of those guys.

The bottom buffer, B, represents the version of main. Shift-b to make buffer B read-only. Emacs Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.

Let’s get gritty, edit buffer B by hand. Or we can leave things alone. Oh no I got lost somewhere! Selective BrowsingUp: To reduce the need to scroll horizontally, you can make the comparison window as wide as possible by typing m this is also a toggle; typing it again returns the window to its previous width.

You will rarely need to edit the ediff buffers directly You can, but it’s not always that you do. This is where you give ediff commands. I then used C-x o to move to the edited buffer and used C-x C-s to save it and then I am lost. If you lack a three button mouse, you can click on the command with your regular mouse button and then press Enter. What you are calling a separate ” window ” is what Emacs calls a separate ” frame “.

The most challenging situation arises when an optimistic strategy like CVS is proved wrong, and you need to merge incompatible changes made by multiple developers to the same section of a file. You may find that it also causes the comparison window to get keyboard focus, so be sure to click on the control window if necessary before you try to issue any Ediff commands.


Sign up using Email and Password. If you want to use Ediff to compare two nonconflicting revisions of a file, choose Tools Compare Ediff File with revision, or type M-x ediff-revision Enter.

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Often you’re interested in what’s changed in the current working revision, but sometimes you’re after more historical information. Of course, you may want to intentionally jump over to edit one of the buffers as you notice changes you’d like to make.

Ediff User’s Manual

The normal Emacs “browsing” keys Space to move forward, Del to move backward are bound in the control window to take you through the differences one by one. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Other Session CommandsUp: Just press ab or c to copy into the buffer you’re meant to be editing c in the case that there are 3 buffers. Move on Move to the next zone the big white things sticking out.

Ediff makes this change but keeps track of the old value in the buffer you changed.

Here we want to make changes to buffer B by either copying entire zones from A, or manually editing the ‘refined’ zones to what we need them to be.