Regulation No of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) Uniform provisions concerning the approval of: I. specific LPG . R is a European retrofit directive for LPG and CNG systems. This directive stipulates the emission, documentation and quality standards to be met by the. ece r pdf Vehicle Technology Division THE NETHERLANDS ( N E D E R L A N D) COMMUNICATION. Concerning(1): approval granted approval extended.

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Basic software principles and control strategy; 2. Name and address of the manufacturer … 1. Working principle and thermodynamic cycle …. Require a further test report from the technical service responsible for conducting the tests. Description of principle of adjustment through idle adjustment points …. Drawing of the symbol. Retrofit system manufacturer responsible for retrofit approval application ; 2. The user manual shall be prepared by the manufacturer of the retrofit system.

Remote controlled automatic valve with excess flow valve: It is permissible that the engine is started on petrol and switched to LPG after a predetermined period of time which cannot be changed by the driver.


Level or pressure indicator: Reference fuel G20 or G One test is required if the result obtained for each pollutant or for the combined emission of two pollutants subject to limitation is less than or equal to 0,7 the emission eve i.

Hydrocarbons assuming a ratio: Description of principle of adjustment through main adjustment points.

Requirements for the installation of specific equipment for the use of compressed natural gas CNG in the propulsion system of a vehicle 6. With respect to paragraphs 2. Description and drawings installation ….


Pressure regulator s 2. Type s … 2. Electronic control unit 2. Oxides of nitrogen, the latter being expressed in nitrogen dioxide NO 2 equivalent. An LPG retrofit system shall consist at least of the following components: Description of the parent vehicle s on which the requirements of this Regulation are going to be tested.

Description and drawings …. Vehicles type-approved pursuant to Regulation No 49, series of amendments 00 or 01 or 02 or 03 series. Addendum to the communication concerning a type of LPG wce equipment pursuant to Regulation No Flexible fuel lines or hose s: Retrofit system approval number; 7.

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In the case that there is a need, to fit properly the CNG retrofit system in the vehicle, it is allowed to simulate the right operation of the original emission-related components which are not in use on CNG mode.


The scope of this paragraph is to list the minimum requirements which shall be contained in the installation manual. Scrapping of the product The user manual shall give proper indication about precautions to be taken when the system has dce be removed from the vehicle. Contents of the end-user manual: Description and drawings 2.

Penalties for non-conformity of production CH 1,85 for petrol. For each vehicle of the family, the official values of CO 2 emissions and fuel consumption are multiplied by the above ratios. The rolling resistance of the parent vehicle shall correspond to the original vehicle value proportionally adjusted to the parent vehicle mass measured or calculated ecs above:. Reason s of extension if applicable …