Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey – As Menolly uncovers magic and intrigue, mischievous Piemur discovers the rhythm of adventure in the final book in the. Dragondrums is the third book of the Harper Hall Trilogy in the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. Dragondrums was first published by Atheneum in. The Paperback of the Dragondrums (Harper Hall Trilogy Series #3) by Anne McCaffrey at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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It seems to me that you would not have had to read them though, this is the first told from Piemur’s point of view and as all of us seem mccacfrey from the inside of our heads to how people see us on the outside, so Piemur is very different to himself than to others.

Dragondrums included a lot of political stuff that I didn’t understand, and I assume that is explained in The White Dragon.

Dragondrums title listing at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database. But then Piemur started being Piemur and I couldn’t remember why I could have been worried in the first place. I wanted more about her. This story would be fine as a stand alone story. Dragondrums is the coming of age story of Piemur, a small, quick, clever apprentice at Harper Hall. Don’t go into draggondrums book expecting much Menolly; this is Piemur’s book. My mom bought it for me one summer and I devoured it and began my love of Pern.

Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey [electronic resource] – Version details – Trove

Not long after, they arrive at Southern Hold, where they talk with Toric about recent events and Piemur. However it still remains an absolute favourite. Piemur, the undersized soprano and con draagondrums with a sharp wit and kind heart.

Dragonflight Dragonquest The White Dragon. She married in and had three children: Her novel The White Dragon became one of the first science fiction books to appear on the New York Times bestseller list. I think he is one of my favourite characters ever!


Dragondrums – Anne McCaffrey – Google Books

Science Fiction Young adult. But Piemur is very far mccaffrry having just this one ability and Master Robinton knows how precious Piemur is. It is such a wonderful story that I cried at the end because it made me so happy.

Mccaffreey would really like to know if Mrs. Retrieved from ” http: The book was just as good as the rest of Anne McCaffreys Pern series. Do you think that you can write a slow-moving, rather repetitive adventure story that lacks the resonance of the first two books in this trilogy, and we won’t notice?

Obviously, it left me rather frustrated. Suddenly, he can no longer sing, and has to be reassigned within the Harper Hall.


Robinton sends Sebell to summon the Lord Holders of the lands neighbouring Nabol, and they soon confront Lord Meron, who refuses to name a successor. Else rated it liked it. Piemur is not even close to being fleshed out as a character and, due to this, does not have enough weight as a driving force for this story.

Drafondrums who wrote the White Dragon barely a year before this book, then dragondrumd put Piemur on the Drsgondrums Continent and describe what happens to him after his voice broke, and also can focus more attention on the Oldtimers, Mirrim, and the fire lizards I thought this novel, without the keen focus on Menolly’s signing and music career, was not as good as the first two volumes in this trilogy, but it had mcdaffrey moments, and afterall what exactly were we going to learn about Menolly.

It would be a shame to lose all those visions and faces that I have carried in my head for so long! This picks up after the first two books. Mar 04, Kathy rated it really liked it Shelves: He ends up in the Southern Continent with a fire lizard queen that he impresses. Dragonsong had added something new to the world by letting us see the life in a sea hold, and Dragonsinger built up the lifestyle of the craftsholders, but Dragondrums only gives the briefest introduction to a new place, opting to tantalize the reader by foreshadowing future books rather than satisfying us in this mccafffrey.


I know these books were published years ago and no one particularly dragondrims to discover Anne McCaffrey’s books today when they can read modern stories and such but those stories really hold something others don’t and I really can’t wait to read all of Anne Mccaffrey’s other books thank God there are so many!

But when his voice begins to change, Piemur loses all confidence and questions everything he thought he knew about himself. I thought that my favourite books would be the first ones because they are told by Menolly and because they focus on those gorgeous little things named fire lizards but Dragondrums is such a special story of someone trying to find himself.

Although he had planned to head for Southern Hold once the egg hatched, his discovery of an injured runner, which he decides to care for, means he is forced to shelter until it heals.

Preview — Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey. Many things were not made clear. You had done a brilliant job with the first two books in this “trilogy”, so please do explain why you felt compelled to switch your focus from our beloved heroine Menolly to her rambunctious sidekick, Piemur?

Trivia About Dragondrums Harp User Review – Flag as inappropriate All of the Pern books are good, definitely a good read. Selected pages Title Page.

He was a scamp and a rascal and befriended her. Taking place three turns after the events of DragonsingerDragondrums opens with Piemur mccafftey voice breaking as he prepares to sing the soprano role in a song recently written by Master Domick about Lessa ‘s journey to retrieve the Oldtimers.

In Dragondrums she is viewed from afar. We notice; and we are not happy. I thought this was inappropriate since this was targeted at younger audiences.