View and Download DIGITECH GNX3 user manual online. GENETX GUITAR WORKSTATION. GNX3 Music Pedal pdf manual download. Digitech GNX3 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech GNX3 User Manual. GNX3 Manual Master – Read more about parameter, track, recording, recorder, knob and display.

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Inorder to get the best level recorded,it is necessary to setup the mic input gain properly.

Applying extra pressure to the toe of rigitech Expression Pedal engages a feature called V-Switch. The company shall not be liable for any consequential dam-age as a result of the product’s use in any circuit or assembly.

Tempo Tempo designates how fast the Click Track plays during recording. You canmodify reverb digitecg by editing the reverb parameters of the preset see section Editing a Preset. If the GNX3 is used in Stereo configuration, set the pan controls of the mixer hard left and right, and select Stereo as the output configuration from the Utility menu.

Use the Parameter 2 knob second from the left to select the Green Cabinet Type. Applying extra pressure to the toe of the Expression Pedal switchescontrol between the assigned parameter s and the Wah.

This works well when either running directly into a mixeror using a guitar amp maual mixer together.


Digitech GNX3 Manuals

In the previous example,the LFO speed woulddetermine the length of time it took the LFO to sweep from the clean to the distorted sound. Modeling applies the tone of one of several vintage or modern Amp Models and Cabinet Types to your guitarsignal. This is useful for making a backup copy of customized presets,or copying your presets into anotherGNX3. Threshold -The Parameter 3 knob selects the Threshold threshld. To begin recording a track using the FS footswitches,follow these steps: To access the Green Channel Parameters, do the following: To begin adding overdubbed layers to your first loop is easy.

Parameter 1- The Parameter 2 knob adjusts the rate Speed at which the signal pans from side to. Rotate the Parameter 2 knob to select the minimum value the parameter reaches with the ExpressionPedal in the toe up position not available when volume is the assigned parameter.


Rotate the Parameter 1 knob until the Parameter vnx3 displayed. Ranges from L 99 to R The table below shows the amount of record time each of the currently available cards willprovide: Quantize only affects manuap loops and will not affect songs.

Expression Pedal Calibration The Parameter 3 and 4 knobs have no function when Pitch is selected. The GNX3 is equipped with a mic input that is used for recording vocals or acoustic instruments. The display shows the current tempo in beats per minute BPM.


Customized Bank names aids in quickly identifying the User Bank containing the presets you may need fora particular song or set. A Noise Gatecan also be used to create an automatic swell in volume. The Threshold is the eigitech a signal is allowed to reach before the compressor begins to work.

Set the MIDI recording device to record. Connect your guitar to the input of the GNX3.

GNX3 Manual original digitech gnx3说明书

The JamMan is used to create a recordingloop that you can playback with. The procedure for assigning a parameter to the Expression Pedal is as follows: Introduction Mode is active. To add overdubs to thecurrent loop,follow these steps: The table below shows the amount of record time each of the currently available cards will The GNX3 provides ten different environments to choose from including: Both the guitar and mic are recorded on thesame track s armed for recording.

This jack receives all incoming MIDI data.

This is useful for making a backup copy of customized presets, or copying your presets into another GNX3.