A place for collecting assembly instructions for Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K. Please be courteous and follow the rules. The Blitza-Bommer might seem to fulfill much the same role as the special rule – gaining an extra shot with each weapon on a Waaagh! turn. I’m probably going to be getting another ork bommer for Christmas and I was I read the rules for the blitza bommer and I have a question.

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Dakkajets are pretty good for air superiority, but I think the new traktor kannon is better. I’m already paying the carrier cost for the vehicle why not throw bommeer few Rokkits on board as well. As a pair they could really ravage light vehicles and medium infantry, as well as threaten fliers such as even the Stormraven. More or less equivalent to other races’ counterparts, they basically are an Ork-filled armoured shell with a piercing beak at one end and a great big engine at the other.

Ork Aircraft – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Once they’ve blown everything up and hopefully not themselves then there’s a pair of supa shootas ready to mop up any stray or squishy targets. Ork Fighta pilots love nothing more then to fly in close to enemy aircraft and tear it apart with hail of dakka.

I think someone mentioned you can only fire 2 missiles a turn, I don’t think thats the case anymore in 7th.

Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum!

However that S7 AP2 pi plate works wonders for mopping up heavy infantry. And last up, ye’ eules Dakkajet. The best in value of points were the Lootas but only in a squad of 15 and if I managed to roll 3 shots on them. Personal tools Log in Request account. Having been nerfed in that it no longer fires twice but rather one extra shot per weapon during a Waaagh!


Blitza-bommer-03 873×627.jpg

This is the only reason im not labeling them as garbage with their price hyke and weaker waaagh shooting. Any comments or tips are appreciated.

Dakkajets make excellent light flier killes, with the issue that they too are light fliers. If your meta is mixed, go for other anti-tank options. Ive literally only bombed a vehicle with it once though since high armor is kinda rare in my meta, and the few i see my bikers find it before the blitzabomma ryles it anyway.


While the blitzabomba can drop its bombs on infantry, the S7 bombs don’t ignore cover, so your opponents are still going to make saves against it. Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely. A friend of mine who went crazy and bought some orknaughts loves the burnabomba, for its able to annihilate tightly packed infantry formations.

The main advantage hlitza the dakkajet is its versatility. They’re rather short ranged though, but you want to get into the thick of it blitzw a bombing run anyhow.

Well excuse me, I thought we were discussing the rules as written.

If you are already a member then feel free to login now. These machines are favoured by Ork Kommandos in order to get behind enemy lines and with Goffs.


The Dakkajet puts out a pile of bullets and you should always take the extra supa-shoota. To top it off, the grot’s gun is twin-linked, giving the plane a little bit better defense weapon. For some reason everyone ignores it once i say its not a dakkajet.

An ork with an idea tends to end with a bang. Tyranid fliers are also quite threatened if the Dakkajet gets to shoot first. It has AP4 now for some reason its SKORCHA missiles were AP5, even though it holds the name of a heavy flamer so that helps a little, but its just sooo expensive and you can only fire two of these a turn at BS2 it just doesnt seem that viable to me.

Some Ork Mekboys don’t limit themselves with any logical concepts and create custom vehicles to their liking. Before it was just the Dakkajet.

For some Flyboyz, guns might not be as fun as flamethrowers. A handful of random infantry can kill our fliers, why the hell would we dedicate nearly pts to one? But i’m not sure that orkses desperately need this kind of thing and that there are such targets in the open.

Such a technique is, predictably blifza, and not only for the target. Community Forum Discord Server.

Just make sure your other units kills enemy Quad-Guns before the jets flies on.