What if the end of the world were near? world order, and this view is shared by many new faiths as well as forecasters like Bejan Daruwalla. UDAIPUR (TIP): Bejan Daruwalla’s latest book “ End of the World” predicts 21st century to be the brightest for mankind. It puts forth the. BIG BOSS ASTROLOGER GANESHA BEJAN DARUWALLA LOOKS AFTER YOU Prince Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar Launching End of the World book at.

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And at 86, he is full of Parsi masti and dum.

Reproduction, domestic and family affairs, imagination, moods, feelings, surroundings, water. With the ed time and the right climate, the impossible can be made possible.

The child went to the parents happily and naturally. Astrologically also the time is ripe. PM Modi talks about positive websites, asks people to share inspiring stories. Saturn is karma and dharma.

Bejan Daruwalla’s book ‘ End of the World’ launched | The Indian Panorama

In modern times nobody can get away with murder. End of the World, also contains 4 poems, which poetry readers all across shall find very exciting. Crimes, tensions, stress and all the ill health are going to come down. It is truth and trust, love and dedication, surrender and devotion. This is what I have observed, noticed, felt, recognised every time I see him ram his ideas and opinions down the throats of others.


I am one year older to Dhirubhai and Ratan Tata were both born on December Your strategic focus on past neglected regions of India will help uplift their citizens. This prophecy on the doomsday was spurred by the revelation that the Mayan Calendar, the oldest system of calendars, bears no recorded entries post 21 st December God will introduce himself in a totally unique way. A very big plus point. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements.

From Modi’s Fate To The World’s End, Bejan Daruwalla Unwraps The Future On His 86th Birthday

He has my blessings. But let me quote just one example. They are born to women. Today also you are hurting very badly because of this.

No wonder, we not only gave birth to our sons but took an equal part in the making of rouges. On Sunday, the Parsi Panchayat of Ahmedabad presented the late Dr Behramgor Sarosh Ankesaria and astrologer Bejan Daruwalla with lifetime achievement awards for their contributions to the Parsi community and wofld.

Saturn in Sagittarius can launch us to salvation itself is my prediction in the name of Ganesha. This one act play can be transformed into a full fledged drama.


Dream and Nightmare sequence. I want to play it fair and square. What is there left to say?

Growth, riches, expansion, weight, religion, good cheer and joy, exuberance. The cross somehow or other lay in the woods.

Gujarat Chief Minister releases Bejan Daruwala’s book ‘ The End of the World’

I can only compare it to the scent of the garden after a rainy day. Universal consciousness helps us to evolve and be what we are capable of becoming. Jupiter the planet of power and plenty will be in Aries — But when this desire becomes too much and eats away your entire life I have the capacity to remove it and make you free from the pain of incomplete desire.

It means double aggression, attack, irritation, authority, dictatorship, bullyism and most certainly no respect and understanding of the hearts and minds of all those who differ from him. Call it coincidence or destiny but the first ever talking Indian film was on March 14!