Scenario cards for all North Sea scenarios, the Battle of Coronel, the Battle of the Falkland Islands, and hypothetical battles for the pursuit of the. Regal Miniatures miniature ships mounted on the counters of the Avalon Hill boardgame Jutland. We used the Advanced Jutland rules – right out of the box. I have the counters, rules, plot maps, task forces boards, time record sheets, The game featured in a number of editions of the old Avalon Hill.

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Secondly, we changed all charts and tables so as to use D10 dice instead of D6 dice. Have you looked into getting a second-hand copy of Avalon Hill’s Jutland game? A blurry close-up which shows the ships at very close to real size.

Jim Pitts in Gray shirt and Robert Whitfield nill the right are operating the high-tech rangefinders made of Foamcore. If you’re planning on using this for any sort of alternate history, it is very difficult to design your own ships for Seekreig, but quite easy for Great War at Sea.

The Game-master, Jay Stribling, hill out which destroyer counters were German and which were British. Victory Games James Bond Find More Posts by DungeonCrawler. It has been your riles, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. Instead, the game operates on two levels: When the battle is over, you know exactly what’s been chewed up, and how bad.


Now all I have to do is buy minis and a large blue sheet and try playing.

Instructions were included for the gamer to make scale movement rulers. Too many guns to deal with in WW1 with 3 types per ship. Or was this a trick by that sneaky British admiral Jellico.

This allowed critical hits only on a avaloh of “10” instead of “6” as in the original charts and tables. I’ve played 4, but not 5 Seekreig IV is detailed enough that I’ve used it as an aid when writing tales of gunfire on the High Seas.

WW1 Naval Wargaming Rules – Steve Jackson Games Forums

The army doesn’t like more than one disaster in a juutland. Since it is a surprise I won’t be able to play test avalno and I have a question about the Avalon Hill Jutland rules. This is for use with versions of Jutland that may involve more than just the normal Jutland scenarios. Thank you for visiting The Jackson Gamers’ pages at Angelfire. He and Mark seem to be confused by the organization of the tiny ship.

Jutland Jutland box cover. I have a copy. Light cruisers and destroyers are represented as flotillas on a single playing piece.

Jutland (game)

The red arrow shows the German Battle cruisers and thier direction. Find More Posts by woodchuck. First a “home rule” that required all squadron commanders to roll a D10 at the start of each turn.


Grand Fleet scenario cards, High Seas Fleet scenario cards, and a readme. The Germans were handling the British ships very roughly when, warned by radio intercepts before the Germans even left port, Admiral Jellicoe arrived with the Grand fleet.

The Germans benefitted from ships such as the Hindenberg and the Baden which avalln not yet completed in Please select a support frequency. Pages using deprecated image syntax All stub articles. The British Grand fleet, in four columns, steams into the battle area.

Perhaps the commanders should bring binoculars? Go to Board Game Greek and you can find them there. Anywhere to get them?

Games were normally finished in hours. James Bond Replaces the cumbersome search procedure of the game with faster, streamlined search that places urles emphasis on using battlecruiser squadrons as advance search force.

Recent Title Hot Language: Also has numbered hexes, port capacities, and German zeppelin airfields jill. The same action as in the image above, but from a different angle. Is this true and if yes can anyone share those modifications here for me?