See how Asteron Life Insurance has helped protect Australians for over years. Play Video · Book an. Appointment · Choosing Life Insurance · About Asteron. Asteron Life Complete is our comprehensive suite of life insurance products that can be tailored to suit your needs – allowing you and your family to get more out . Asteron Life Complete Life Cover is an affordable and comprehensive life insurance option that pays out a lump sum if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal.

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Asteron Life Complete is our comprehensive suite of life insurance products that can be tailored to suit your needs — allowing you and your family to get more out of every day.

When policy reinstated, Asteron appear to make arbitrary modifications to cut back conditions of policy. Meaning, no claim will be paid if the life insured died as a result of taking their own life. Asgeron in benefits against blood born diseases like HIV, hepatitis B and C for medical professional occupation classes.

Full security for me and my family and I proudly recommend AsteronLife to my friends and colleagues. Once you have done a basic calculation of your needs and current position, start comparing astfron.

An income protection benefit will likely not be paid if directly or indirectly caused by:. Asteron is the oldest life insurance company in Australia and wrote their first life insurance policy inand shortly thereafter paid their first claim. The person responsible for the claims application could either be the policy beneficiary, policy owner or executor of the state. A choice of waiting periods to help you manage affordability.


Compare Asteron Quotes and Policy Features. This benefit is renewed annually until your policy expires. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will automatically receive this discount asteton the life of your policy with no additional assessments required.

Asteron Life Complete | Asteron Life

How much do you need? I would recommend them. Your benefit will be paid if your claim is successful. Partial asyeron for when you are able to work but your income is reduced. Deciding who will be relying on the cover will also help determine how much cover you need.

Whether you have any outstanding debts, loans or a mortgage to pay. If you become involuntarily unemployed your premiums are waived for up to 6 months. We will notify you each year on your renewal notice regarding the status of your discount so you will know what level of reduction and savings you have received. However, this will llfe come into effect after the sale is finalised.

Review your insurer for a chance to Win an iPhone XR. Working around our schedule A case manager will assess your claim and will contact you regarding the outcome.

Complete or customised: The choice is yours

Before choosing a policy type and coverage amount be sure to first consider: Asteron is a wholly-owned subsidiary of its parent company, the Suncorp Group. Leeana was wonderful, very helpful and patient. Asteron is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suncorp Group Limited, which acts as the parent company.

The choice is yours Asteron Life Complete ALC has earned a reputation as one of the most comprehensive life insurance offers in the market. All reviewers who meet our review guidelines have equal chances of winning a prize regardless of whether they submitted positive or negative reviews.


I am now looking for an alternative insurer. AAMI Life offers death cover, income protection insurance with additional involuntary unemployment, and accidental injuries insurance.

Analysing Asteron Life Insurance

Asteron wrote their very first policy in in Australia and since have been owned by Suncorp Group Limited, one of Australia’s largest insurance groups registered under section 21 of the Life Insurance Act What is Asteron Healthy Life Discount? They have a treaty reinsurance agreement with Munich Rea risk management group with exceptional financial strength.

TAL will maintain the Asteron brand, and current policies will remain unchanged. Claims Claim time is our moment of truth. If you need a specialist adviser to help with your claim, please complete the above form so we might point you in the right direction. You can find important updates to your Asteron Life Complete policy.

As i’ve only just received this cover i cannot comment really.

All their policy dealings are overseen by an independent committee, who ensures the cojplete quality customer service. Alternatively, feel free to use our comparison engine and decide for yourself. Write a Review on Asteron Life. Having used the Insurance Watch website, I realise how expensive it is and note that they are offering cheaper options thru your website. I ended up having to pay a significant amount for someone to deal with Asteron on my behalf, resulting in Asteron writing to me again agreeing on quarterly submissions.

Insurance cover referred to in this document form part of the Asteron Life Complete product.