Alberto Moravia born Alberto Pincherle, was an Italian novelist and journalist. His novels . Alienation is the theme in works such as Il disprezzo (Contempt or A Ghost at Noon. ) and La noia (The Empty Canvas) from the s, despite. “Contempt,” by Alberto Moravia, is an appropriate title because the main character, Ricardo Molteni, is a contemptible human being. Contempt Alberto Moravia (New York Review). It works like this. For two years you’ve been married to this woman who doesn’t worry much about things.

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At times he thinks way too slowly. Directors want to tell important stories.

The setting, particularly the scenes at the Casa Malaparte, is next to perfect for this movie. Very early on we realize that love is dead in the water so to speak Born out of his own relationship problems with wife Elsa Morante, Moravia’s Contempt is a rich but turbulent story of a marriage in decline, where Rome mpravia Molteni is told by his beautiful wife Albertto that she not only doesn’t love him anymore, but finds him deplorable to be around.

Sentimental Educations: Alberto Moravia’s Contempt and Agostino

I picked The Conformist as it was on my shelves but Contempt certainly sounds like a must read, at some stage. View all 14 comments. Read it Forward Read it first. One for my wishlist, I think. They lived in Capriwhere he wrote Agostino. I hope you feel like reading that together with Frances, Richard and I.

In at the age modavia 18, he left the sanatorium and moved to Bressanone. I said to myself that that mouth had not kissed me for a very long time, and that the savor of the kiss, if it were returned by her as she lay thus between waking and sleeping, would be as intoxicating as that of alerto old, potent liquor. And now on to the story, ghost or not. And inevitably and immediately he creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of destruction and gloom for all of those around albfrto.


This time I felt her mouth slowly opening, albergo I had hoped like a shellfish whose valves open at the pulsating movement of some living creature wet with cool sea-water. Moravia’s writing style was highly regarded for being extremely stark and unadorned, characterised by elementary, common words albetro an elaborate syntax. Lorenzo Pavolinisec. I’m glad I read this quickly though- I think if I had read it in bits and pieces, slowly, a foul taste for Molteni and his plight would have developed in my mouth, one of those unbrushable tastes, the kind you can’t floss or tongue scrape away.

For a moment Agostino felt happy as he swam while the cold powerful stream tugged at his legs, and he forgot every contempg and every wrong. Moravia knew the film business well; he worked also as a script writer and met probably people very similar as those described in his novel.

Alberto Moravia – Wikipedia

If you pretty girl are on goodreads, look me up. I may read Boredomsince that appears to be the next Moravia group read, but I’d better get started The psychology is excruciatingly spot-on.

You are commenting using your WordPress. This is another one of those books with odd titles, at least I think it’s odd. Lists with This Book.

I looked at her, and for some reason noticed that her beauty, usually so serene and placid, had in it, that evening a new kind of restlessness, almost a disturbed look. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Richard June 10, at Thanks very much, Jacqui.

Contempg what I thought. At another point, while responding to the flattery of a beautiful, young female admirer, who quotes from his book, Jep says the sentiment he was expressing had been better written by the Italian prose master Alberto Moravia.

Their voices contemt clearly in the still air. It is wonderful to me that one word can indicate so much if the reader is careful, and perceptive, as you are. When the encounter at the brothel predictably ends badly, he goes back home and demands of his mother that he be treated like a man. So, while the novel is not a strictly autobiographic one, Moravia knew about what he was writing and was able to transform this into a rather short, fascinating novel. Emilia, Battista and I had dined at a restaurant and Battista had suggested finishing the evening at his house and we had accepted.


Valerio Magrelliter. Our hero, Ricardo, is a script-writer hired to write the scenario for the Odyssey. An insistent urge to analyze every tiny bit, every deviation from consistency or every possible deviation from consistency.

In fact the entire book is about his marriage falling apart.

seraillon: Alberto Moravia: Contempt

Praise Rich in substance and resonant with meaning…a rare achievement. Alberto Moravia’s exploration of the break-up of a marriage is told against the background of the film-world of post-war Rome. This guy is talking in circles and either takes me for an idiot or else he truly believes in what he’s saying and is therefore delusional.

And then comes fully half of the book which involves Molteni obsessing about his wife not loving him any more. He tells them about the accident but Emilia doesn’t seem to believe him. In he won the title of European Personality. It is a story of a man destroying love, his life, his happiness just because he is an endless, worrier, meddler and, worst of all, an intellectual.

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