Electronic Format A 1. AIA Document A – Electronic Format. Performance Bond. THIS DOCUMENT HAS IMPORTANT LEGAL CONSEQUENCES. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this AIA® Document, or any portion of it, may AIA Document A TN – Payment Bond. The form of the bond affects whether the payment is prompt and hassle free or not. Unfortunately, the A performance bond is designed to.

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You didn’t have to fill it in by hand and you didn’t have to struggle with getting it lined up in a typewriter.

Email marketing by Targetware. Everything documrnt written from “in the trenches” experience. Do you know what happens if you need to make change s to AIA forms that you’ve already filled out? The first exciting bit of info was that this is so much less expensive than doing it the AIA way.

FAQ – AIA Bond Forms

Home Attorneys Adam C. However, as future litigation crops up out of this language of the new bond, it is likely that a3312 surety will not be penalized as harshly as the sureties in National Union for the failure to provide a timely answer to a payment bond claim. Subscribe to the HLG Newsletter! Web Design by G3 Group. Facebook Twitter Google Linked In. The last time the AIA revised the A was in Employee or Independent Contractor? BUT there’s always a ‘but’, but this is an easy one ;o Back to the top of this page: Because this software will fill in your AIA forms for you, you and your company will have a much more professional appearance than if you fill the form in by hand or use a typewriter and have to white-out mistakes.

Construction Forms and Apps for your smart devices.

AIA Document A™ — (Performance Bond, Sample Form)

Click here to visit PDFFiller. I talked to the folks behind the scenes and got the inside scoop. The rationale focused on Paragraphs 6 of the A, which provides: If you’re tired of submitting AIA forms that aren’t up to par with your business’s professionalism then I recommend that you take a look at this program. The discount will NOT be given after the purchase has been made.


You did a professional job at the worksite; follow that up with a professional job on your paperwork. Other significant changes under the version of the A are: Changes the performance bond requirements with respect to holding a conference between the Owner, Surety and Aai upon the default of the Contractor.

What is aiq Letter of Intent? It can also be used when the Owner and Contractor already have a working relationship in place e. If you need to make a correction you aiaa to do it by hand with a pen. But what even more contractors aren’t aware of is that not only do these programs print entire documents, filled-in, that are like the AIA documents but …. If you like what you see and decide to purchase the program you’ll get an exclusive discount on the software that is available only to you and my other customers.

I came across this company, Quantumss, that has several programs available, one being an ‘AIA’ module.

AIA Document A312™ — 2010 (Performance Bond, Sample Form)

You’ll enter the information on your computer, put a hard-copy of the AIA form into your printer, and hit print. Nothing on my websites is to be considered legal advice. When you can use AIA-Like documents just imagine how much money that’ll save you over purchasing a new AIA document every time you need one which is a legal requirement of the AIA – use a photocopy and you’re in violation of the AIA’s copyright!

If you need to edit the info on an AIA form document such as the A that you’ve already completed whether you did it by hand ugh or typewriter ugh’er ;o or computer you’ll find that the AIA requires that you use and pay for a whole new blank AIA form – just to print that revision. Enumerates the information that must be included in a claim against the payment bond, which includes: The form s reside in your library at PDFFiller waiting for you whenever you need them.


So I started looking around to see what I could find out about that.

If the warning text isn’t red then the form isn’t an original. Is the Agreement really Mutual? Many years ago I found out that often times when a contractor was required to use an AIA form they would actually most often be allowed to use a form that was AIA-like, it didn’t necessarily have to be an AIA-form, but they didn’t know that or they didn’t know where to get them.

Since the payment bond was just recently released, there are no dovument opinions that interpret the new bond language. Provides in the payment bond that the Surety shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Owner against any liens, claims, suits or demands.

From the AIA website The approach taken by the Court of Appeals of Maryland ala National Union quickly took aiia, and other states like Virginia and Florida followed suit. You must use the exclusive discount code TCG after clicking this link.

Answer a few questions and your new contract will write itself The Construction Contract Writer creates and manages your contracts for you. Comments Please enter your comments and questions about this article in the box below.

Look Who’s Shacking Up Together! Forcing the Issue Construction Unemployment Falls to 9. When you get there if you want to cruise around and see what else they have to offer plenty of documejt programs feel free to do so but please be absolutely certain that you have the code TCG in the discount box BEFORE checking out.